Monday, May 08, 2006

Blogs: To trust or not to trust?

Paul Reynolds of the BBC responds: that is not the question. Whether blogs are trustworthy is not the point, he concludes in his piece, because blogs are not serving the same purpose as the media. They are often trying to make the reader consider alternate points of view. Reynolds writes:

Sometimes they come up with new facts and give you a lead on stories. ... Quite often, however, they just offer you a perspective you might not have thought about. You can use them to test your own judgment.

Free-Speech Via Blogging Gaining Traction in China

I try not to blog about blogging too much, but this caught my eye.

China, a country whose government is dancing with the twin sisters of individual freedom and state control, seems be allowing a bit more freedom to its people via the Internet.

According to the BBC, Xinhua, the official Chinese news agency says there are currently 60 million Chinese bloggers with a predicion of 100 million by 2007., a major Chinese Internet search engine, says there are about 2.3 blog sites sites per blog author in China.