Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Media Monitor Plus Relaunches

Factiva recently re-released one of its media monitoring products -- Factiva Insight: Media Monitor Plus. The release took the product off the 2B legacy system (which we've been running after Factiva's purchase of 2B Media Intelligence this year) and put it on the Factiva Insight Text Mining Platform.

This allows us to offer a broader content set (blogs, boards, Web and mainstream media from Factiva's archive) along with the speed and intraday update features built by our colleagues from 2B.

I haven't worked directly on MMP to this point as most of my time has been focused on Reputation Intelligence, but I really like this product, too. It's taken several months, but the former 2B products are starting to blend more with the Factiva look and feel, which is great.

I'm also starting to learn more about how clients are viewing it. Some of them see it as we expected -- a tool to more efficiently monitor their media coverage. Others, interestingly, see MMP as way to help their teams get up to on a sector or an industry. For example, say Acme Corp. is a consultancy that works with 10 different industries. It's vital for the Acme consultants working in the auto industry to stay abreast of the news and trends in that industry so they can speak intelligently and understand the issues of their clients. With Media Monitor Plus, Acme can set up 10 dashboards, one for each industry, so each group of consultants can stay on top of the big picture in their industry.

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