Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Factiva New Leader in News and Research Market

The latest from electronic information industry watcher Simba Information shows that Factiva is now No. 1 in the Current Awareness News & Research market . I've been working at Factiva and previously at joint-venture parent Dow Jones for 13 years now and when I started we were a distant third in the market. Lexis Nexis was the giant that we really couldn't hope to slay but it always was the goal our leaders set for us. Since Factiva was formed 7 years ago (with joint-venture partners Dow Jones and Reuters) we've been inching our way closer and now we can officially say we've passed Nexis.

We had a bit of a celebration here in Princeton's HQ. Certainly wasn't a barn burner. Not sure if it was subdued because we kinda knew about the announcement or if it's because Factiva people are basically down-to-earth types.

But woo-hoo. We're number 1.

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