Thursday, March 01, 2007

Clare Hart describes how the Dow Jones brands fit together

Robert Scoble sat down with Clare Hart, former CEO of Factiva and current EVP of the Enterprise Media Group at Dow Jones (my employer). It's a basic "so what does Dow Jones do?" kind of interview (with a minimalist Podtech office setting), but Clare does her usual great job of summing up our essence.

Scoble seemed pleased with having a chance to interview a thought leader like Clare, but his starting the interview with his trademark "So, who are you?" is always a bit jarring.

Other posts on it from Jeremiah and Daniella.

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Jeremiah Owyang said...

"Who are you"

Think of it as a test to see if we've got great interviewers. If one fails that question, well, we don't publish those videos here at PodTech ;)

Fortunately, and without surprise, Clare exceeds all expectations with this great interview.

Thanks for sharing this.

Jeremiah of PodTech