Friday, November 09, 2007

How's your Bulgarian? Ours is great.

The business champion of Factiva Insight, Мартин Мъртланд -- er Martin Murtland, was recently interviewwed by the Sofia Echo while on a trip to Bulgaria. They talked about how Dow Jones is making use of the local software development talent in our offices there. If you read Bulgarian, have at it here: Компании & Финанси | Мартин Мъртланд: Водим прего�

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glennfan said...

Here's a bit from the English translation.

Q: Why did you choose Bulgaria (to place a software development office)?

A: We are extremely happy with the quality of the software produced by of Bulgarian office. We also value the level of education and experience of the staff in Sofia. It is logical that we expand. This is a great opportunity to create a team in Sofia that works closely with our development teams in London and Princeton.