Tuesday, October 18, 2005

BlogOn 2005: A Diverse Attendee List

I'm at day two of BlogOn 2005 in New York City. Presentations and panels have leaned toward discussing how the Blogosphere and the business world are coming together.

The attendees are quite diverse. There seem to be a mix of Blog geeks and newcomers to the space ("what's podcasting?" one attendee asked a panel). One woman I met has never posted to a blog before but was here because her boss instructed her to find out more about the industry.

Many people here seem to be vendors, industry analysts and journalists. And there are a surprising (to me) number of PR, marketing and advertising professionals here. It seems those industries are trying to get up to speed quickly on this growing internet-based conversation is all about.

I think the conference will have to evolve next year to be more useful. The topic of "blogs" is too vague to support well focused show.

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