Monday, January 22, 2007

Thomson Business Intelligence Dismantling

Major changes in one of the old-guard in the business news and information sector:

Thomson Business Intelligence Dismantling:

"Although the announcement from TBI that went out to clients stated that the current divestiture of product lines represented a decision to 'realign specific services within Business Intelligence Services' in order to 'best align our products and resources to the markets and customers we serve,' in fact, Paul Stutler, vice president and general manager of TBI, clarified that, when completed, the transition would mean the end of TBI."

In the wake of Web 1.0 and now Web 2.0, the old research companies (Nexis, Dialog, Dow Jones, Reuters) had to embrace the future or die. Unfortunately, not enough investment was put into Thomson to keep it relevant in this always changing market.

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