Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What have you done for me lately: Measuring Marketing’s Unmeasurables

Fellow Dow Joneser Matt Toll emceed a session at Frost and Sullivan’s Sales and Marketing conference yesterday in sunny AZ. From what I hear the session was well received. Jeremiah, naturally, put together a nice summary post.

Question for Matt: Is this stuff really unmeasurable, or have we not yet found the best way to measure it?

I'm eager to hear more details about the event.


Matt Toll said...

Hi Glenn -

I think the consensus was that the problem lies in inconsistent or unclear goals/objectives as much as it does figuring out "reach" or "engagement" or other such seemingly foggy metrics. When the goal/objective part doesn't happen (which I think is still often), naturally the rest can't follow.

The other key finding was (as Jeremiah pointed out) how ... enlightening ... it can be to venture back from the cutting edge to where the mainstream is operating. As valuable as social media tools can be, they're still in large part the domain of the few and not the many, if our sampling was an accurate ... uh, measure.

Jeremiah Owyang said...

I have a video interview of Matt coming soon.