Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Today's News Bounces through MSM-New-Media Echo Chamber

An op-ed in the 2 Jan 06 U.S. edition of PR Week points out that new media must factor into PR managers' strategies.

Paul Bergevin, president of Citigate Cunningham, states:

It seems pretty clear that today's important stories bounce up and down in an echo chamber of cross-reference between traditional and nontraditional media. What happens in the grass- roots or the word-of-mouth blogosphere informs the major media - and vice versa. The most important stories are the ones that are, in fact, a product of the interplay between traditional and nontraditional media.

Harnessing and managing the storytelling between traditional and nontraditional media outlets is the real job of today's PR pro. This is an incredible opportunity for PR to have an even greater influence in the future than it has enjoyed in the past.

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