Friday, July 28, 2006

Corporate Blogging Advancing Slowly - Survey

Trade journal Warren's Washington Internet Daily reported that corporate blogging is still in an "early adopter" phase, but those who have jumped in are having success. Respondents to a survey sponsored by Porter Novelli and Cymfony said more companies (92%) are monitoring blogs than have blogs (78%). The survey also stated the obvious that blogs are screened by corporate users to check developing trends, gain competitive insight and gauge company buzz. This doesn't seem to talk about individual users' business blogs but about "corporate" blogs.

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glennfan said...

Hmmm. I found a related article using Factiva's Search 2.0's "more like this" which seems to contracdict the 78% number dramatically. Trade pub Multichannel Merchant says only 7% of companies operate a corporate blog -- . Perhaps it all depends on what your definition of "corporate blog" is.