Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mining Even Deeper into the Long Tail

Factiva Insight is offering content for our clients to mine from nearly 2 million of the most-read blogs (among lots of other content). We often have the discussion about the value of continuing to add more blogs from the end of the long tail. One argument goes that adding blogs that are read by EVEN FEWER people can't be good business. (It costs money to process more content and there has to be a point of diminishing returns.) But at least one person, Chris Anderson, who has authored a blog and a new book called The Long Tail, and an article by the same name in Wired, would disagree. He argues that there's gold in that tail. (Listen to him on NPR's ATC.)

Models like Netflix and Amazon show that there is money to be made when you continue to add lots of esoteric content because there are buyers for seemingly every last title. (Something like 98% of Netflix's huge list of titles have been rented at least once.)

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Jason Malatesta said...

Hi Glenn,

I'd agree with Chris Anderson in this respect. Often times there is real value to be found in really small gold nuggets of info from tiny sources. I often discovered as I was providing text mining advisory consulting for a variety of Factiva clients that the true value that was found was in a tiny little piece of news. But you are right that you can’t just throw money at pulling in every little bit of content. Having the right information strategy catered to your situation is critical.