Friday, September 29, 2006

Web 2.0 Media Acknowledged at PR Conference

Jim Macnamara, Chairman and CEO of CARMA International, the last speaker of the IPR measurement conference ended his comments with a sentiment not expressed by too many others during the 1 1/2 day meeting. Namely that Web 2.0-based communications such as blogs and wikis, he said, represent a fundamental change in communications because they are a two-way conversation. "It's only matter of time before we see [something such as] 'Wikinews' dwarf" the major media outlets of the world in impact, he said.

Such communications media are rewriting the rules of PR and media relations with new networks of communicators and connections being created, he said.


Brian Glover said...

I'm surprised that there wasn't even more talk about this issue at the summit. As more conversations move online, it becomes increasingly easier to measure the impact of news stories (not just the impact of PR outreach efforts).

Jeremiah Owyang said...

At the Ragan PR conference, there was quite a bit of focus on Social Media, I was very impressed. The ending session was based upon feedback from a wiki that many contributed to

It must depend on who's organizing it.

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