Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Blogsearch from Google -- Finally

So, Google's new Blog Search beta is pretty good. I've seen some spam on the first page of results, but not too bad. And the "related blogs" are not quite there yet, though that will, no doubt, improve.

But the surprising thing about Google's blog search, to me, is that it's taken them so long to launch it. Those who like to search blogs have been waiting for it, but Google, until now, has offered no real way to search them because a blog's update cycle is so much shorter than general search engines are tuned for.

For now, Technorati and Intelliseek still have an edge in blog search, but they've got to be looking in their rear-view mirror at the speeding bullet coming up behind them wondering how they're going to keep that lead. Innovate and specialize, guys!

Good to see Dave Sifry, Techorati CEO, is taking a "bring it on" attitude.

(BTW, should I read anything into the fact that Blogger's spell-check suggestion for "technorati" is "degenerate"?)


Ian Kennedy said...

Hi Glenn,

We're already speculating out here when we'll see the blog search as a full-fledged tab right up there next to "News" on

That'll really turn up corporate interest in blogs and will re-ignite the debate over blogs & the mainstream press.

glennfan said...

Just a matter of time, I'd say. Though after spending a little more time with, I'd say they have some kinks to work out.

ian kennedy said...

wonder how long we'll see the 'beta' moniker. . .